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We still sell our honey, and now produce chutney, jellies and jam made from our fruit. Used 225 litre French oak barrels are also available for sale, either complete or cut in half for use as planters.

We launched our 2012 cider in May, and have now added a sweet cider to our range which is proving very popular. We are continuing to expand and our new belt press is now up and running and can deal with more than half a tonne of fruit per hour. The new pasteuriser is already dealing with our delicious "St Botolph's" pure apple juice. This is available in 330ml and 750ml bottles. It is a pure product with no additives or preservatives and made from 100% apple.

We are also producing mead from our own honey and we use the wax from the hives to make traditional beeswax polish.Although we have always welcomed visitors, we are now able to offer a number of cider events. These can be in the evening or during the day for groups of six to sixty people. You can choose from a simple tour and tasting through to the full cider experience with bread, mature cheese and chutney to accompany a proper whetting of cider.