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About us

We began making cider, like many others, to try and use up our surplus apples. Several years later and we are producing more than 7000 gallons.We produce real Lincolnshire cider from locally sourced apples. We use all types of apples - cookers, eaters, crab apples and some cider apples. In the Eastern counties cider was traditionally made from culinary and dessert apples whereas in the West country cider apples are used. This local cider tends to be fruitier, more like an apple wine, with a full deep flavour. Another advantage over the West country cider is the lower tannin level which is easier on the head.

We use modern machinery to processs our cider, but with traditional methods, producing an authentic English drink.Before milling and pressing the apples are checked by hand. They are then milled, turning the apples into a pulp ready for pressing. The pulp then goes through the belt press. The apple juice is pumped into vats where it ferments naturally with the wild yeasts from the apple skins.The product is as natural as possible, containing no added water, yeasts or flavourings. The cider ferments through the cold winter months. It is racked off at least once to ensure the end product is clear and untainted. Some of the cider is pumped in oak barrels and left to mature for at least a further year.We do not pasteurise or carbonate our cider. The result is a naturally dry, clear full flavoured refreshing drink.